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Thin section bearings

Update time:2017-03-20 15:20:54
Related introduction

The difference between slim bearings and standard bearings is that the cross section of each series of slim bearings is designed to be invariable, the cross section dimension of the same serial doesn't change with the increase of inner ring diameter, so this kind of bearings also can be called uniform cross section thin section bearings.

The slim bearings have less weight and friction, and can available with excellent running accuracy. This kind of bearings can simplify the design of some related components. And have significant advantages in some applications compared with standard bearings, with small cross section the shaft can be supplied with a hollow one that have a bigger diameter instead of the solid shaft. It can not be better to use a slim bearing when the air, water or power line needs to be transferred through the hollow transmission shaft.


To support various load scenarios, the slim bearings are available in three basic types: radial contact L series, angular contact M series and four point contact N series. The L series and N series can be manufactured with seals. You could choose sealed bearings for applications where bearings need to be kept clean and lubricated. The material of rings can be supplied with both Gr15 and stainless steel. The cages are available in multi-types, include: brass or stainless steel continuous ring “snap-over” pocket, brass or stainless steel continuous ring circular pocket, toroid(Nylon), and steel spacer balls separators.

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