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Crossed Roller Bearings

Update time:2017-03-20 15:20:29
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Crossed Roller Bearings

Crossed roller bearings comprise outer rings, inner rings, rolling elements and plastic spacers, the bearings are usually for precision applications. Due to the X arrangement of rolling elements, these bearings can support axial forces from both directions as well as radial forces, tilting moment loads and any combination of loads with a single bearing position. This allows designs with two bearing positions to be reduced to a single bearing position. Crossed roller bearings are very rigid, have high running accuracy and are supplied with normal clearance, little clearance or preload.

The dimension of inner and outer rings are minimum to miniaturization, especially extremely thin type is close to the limit of small size, and high rigidity, so it is optimal for applications such as joints and swiveling units of industrial robots, swiveling tables of machining centers, precision rotary tables and etc.


Crossed Roller Bearings NRA

NRA series crossed roller bearing is a kind of bearing with small size and light weight, the outer ring split in a circumferential direction and held together by three retaining rings. It is designed for inner ring rotation applications. Due to the feature of thinnest possible of section with high rigidity, the bearing housing and pressure flange can be light weight. It is suitable for hand location of the robots used in the rotary location.

Crossed Roller Bearings NRB

NRB series crossed roller bearing has split outer ring and one integrated inner ring, this is the basic type of crossed roller bearings. The type is well applied to the situation with high rotation accuracy on inner ring. For example, the rotary part of the indexing table of the tools machine.

Crossed Roller Bearings NRE

NRE series is also the basic type of crossed roller bearings and the size is the same with that of NRB series, but with split inner ring and one integrated outer ring. The type is well applied to the situation with high rotation accuracy on inner ring.

Crossed Roller Bearings NRU

NRU series have integrated outer ring and inner ring, since the bearings are provided with drilled mounting holes, it doesn’t require a presser flange or housing. In addition, as it has an integrated inner ring and outer ring structure and is equipped with washers, its performance is minimally affected by the mounting procedure, ensuring stable rotation accuracy and torque.

This type is suitable both for inner ring rotation and outer ring rotation.

Crossed Roller Bearings NSX

NSX series have the similar structure as NRB series, but with smaller section. The two half split outer rings are held together with three retaining rings. Due to the extremely thin structure, there are no mounting holes on the outer ring and inner ring, the bearings need a presser flange or housing for mounting.

This type is also used for applications with high rotation accuracy on inner ring, such as robotic, rotation part of machine tools, medical equipment and reducer drive etc.

Crossed Roller Bearings NBH

NBH series have integrated inner ring and outer ring, this model is an impact type of NRU series with extremely thin outer ring and inner ring without mounting holes. The model needs a presser flange or housing for mounting. As the bearing has an integrated inner and outer ring structure, the mounting has not much influence on the performance, it can achieve stable running accuracy and torque. This type is used for both inner ring and outer ring rotation.

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